At Beyond Core Wellness we are an Out of Network Provider. This means that you pay cash for the cost of your treatment at the time of your service. You may submit your treatment claim to insurance for reimbursement, proper documentation is provided upon request.

Benefits of Cash Therapy:

  • No referral needed. In TN Physical Therapist have direct access and you may be seen anytime for an evaluation and treatment visits without a physician referral.
  • More control over treatment: When paying cash, you have more control over the type and length of treatment you receive, as insurance companies may limit the number of visits or types of treatments covered.
  • Faster treatment: Without having to deal with insurance companies, you may be able to schedule appointments and receive treatment more quickly.
  • Cost savings: Depending on your insurance coverage, paying cash may be less expensive than using insurance, as copays, deductibles, and out-of-pocket costs can add up.
  • Better quality of care: By paying cash, physical therapists are able to spend more time with you during your appointment and provide a higher quality of care without the restrictions imposed by insurance companies.
  • More privacy: Paying cash allows you to keep your treatment and personal health information private, as insurance companies may require disclosure of personal health information.
  • No need for preauthorization: Without having to deal with insurance preauthorization, you can receive treatment immediately without waiting for approval.


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